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Feeding Stray Dogs

Reinventing how a multi-million dollar pet food company tells their story

The only thing we love more than storytelling around here are our pets! You may have noticed that our Chief Happiness Officer is a golden-retriever with a million dollar smile. So, when we were approached by a multi-million dollar pet food conglomerate to reinvent how they tell their story — we couldn't help ourselves! 

Now here comes the kicker. You wouldn't believe it if we told you — but the dog food industry is the toughest of the pet-retail categories to compete in — it's really a dog eat dog world out there. But like us, our client team were true dog lovers and they were reinventing their portfolio of dog food offerings to be even more delicious and nutritious for pup while making it easy on families to feed their four-legged friends.

We were happy to help them tell their story by juxtaposing "consumer truths" with the opportunities they were meeting to give families the best dog food options for their pups! 


Dog food is the toughest of the pet-retail categories to compete in — and with so many new innovations on the market — legacy companies have to thinking in new and exciting ways. This multi-million dollar pet food conglomerate needed to refresh their brand and present consumers with a new story that goes beyond just selling dog food, and showing a real sense of care for families and their four legged friends. 

Dog giving a high five
Blue Package


Inspire 'bits' of goodness between dogs and their families at every meal, every time, every day — fuel enduring companionship between dogs and their humans through delicious, nutritious and satisfying food. 

Our goal was to leverage consumer insights to tell stories that celebrate how dogs enrich families' lives. 

Example Consumer Insight:
"Spoiling my pet makes me happy and I want to feel like I'm providing him with the best taste experience at mealtime" 

Highlighting artisanal preparation, quality ingredients, and savory flavors to help pet parents feel like they are providing their pet the best


The story we crafted for this client highlighted the variety in their dog-food portfolio, while bringing to life "Bits of Brilliance" — stories of how dogs have changed human lives for the better. This campaign extended across a refreshed investor pitch deck, ad campaign as well as messaging on their pet food packaging.

Our client saw significant increases in consumers who rated their pet food as extremely/very nutritious for their dog, as well as significant increases in consumer perceptions on health, quality and taste perceptions. 

And this project was Kobe approved 🐾

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